Finding Affordable Commuter Bicycles

Commuting by bike is a good way to save money, save the environment and stay healthy.  Of course, to get started commuting by bicycle, you need to find the right bike.  On far too many bicycle-enthusiast web sites and forums, cycling zealots will only suggest bicycles costing more than $1,000 -- which can discourage many would-be bike commuters. However you can find many of the best commuter bikes that may be purchased for less than $1000 -- there are even many affordable commuter bikes for commuting that cost less than $500. This website will assist you in finding the best bike for commuting by bicycle.

What Is A Commuter Bike?

Many people wonder: what is a commuter bicycle?  While any bike can be a commuter bike, there are a few things I looked for in compiling my list of cheap commuter bikes: (1) most riders want to have a reasonable number of gears (at least 7 or 8), (2) most riders need some type of chain guard and also need fenders to stay clean, and (3) most riders would rather commute by bicycle with more of an upright riding position (as opposed to being bent over on a road bicycle for commuting). While you can certainly commute by bike on many types of bike, I think those concerns are common to most bike commuters. With those things in mind, here's my list of affordable bicycles for commuting!

Commuter Bikes For Less Than $500

One of the best things about having a cheap commuter bicycle is that cheap commuter bikes do not attract as many thieves. Here are some cheap commuter bicycles that you can buy for less than five hundred dollars:

  • Schwinn Crest bikes under $300 -- men's bike and here's the women's bike
  • Kona Smoke Bike (available for $399).
  • Electra Townie 7D (available for $399) and add the optional Electra Townie Fenders. I recently rode this bike, and will be posting a full review soon.
  • Breezer Uptown EX (7 Speed) available for for $429
  • Scott Sub 40 Bike available for $499
  • Commuter Bikes for Less Than $1000

    If you would like a slightly higher priced commuter bicycle with a few more options, the following commuter bicycles under a thousand dollars offer more features but are still reasonably priced:

  • Jamis Commuter 2 Bike available for $585
  • A Women's Electra Townie with 24 Speeds, lights and rack available for $699
  • Electra Ticino 8D available for $799
  • Novara Fusion bike available for $899
  • So from now on if someone says that you need an expensive commuter bicycle just to get to work, you can tell them that you know of many good commuter bikes under $1,000 (5 of them are less than $500). You really don't need to spend a thousand dollars or more to buy affordable commuter bicycles to begin enjoying the benefits of commuting to work by bicycle.

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